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Friendly, Fast Computer Help in Your Home

Nancy provides a wide variety of personalized on-site technical support services for Boulder, CO.

She has years of experience with computer support and is ready to put that expertise to use for you.

Computer Help! is a woman-owned, local business serving the metro Boulder area since 1998.

There's a lot of people out there who need someone to sit down and guide them through the ins and outs of technology. I'll come to your door and walk you through setting up or using your computer and internet.


Let's Chat

I am happy to discuss your technology needs.  I specialize in helping those who struggle with and don't feel comfortable with technology.





One on One Personalized Support

  • Computer Troubleshooting
  • Slow Computer Cleanup
  • Malware and Spyware Removal and Protection
  • Virus Removal and Anti-Virus Set Up
  • One on One Personalized Instruction
  • Email Set Up
  • Technical for Digital Cameras, Photos, Videos and Music.
  • Windows Support (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
  • Data Backup


New computer setup


Home Internet and WiFi 

Software Installation and Setup

Personal Device Help

Help with your personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Android and Apple


I have relied on Nancy for over 10 years to help set things up and troubleshoot technical problems She truly has a gift for figuring things out. It is great to have someone so trustworthy and available to consult with on the phone or come by for on-site work. I can recommend her without reservation.
— Tom C.
Nancy has helped me with my computers since 2004. She is responsive to my calls and has always provided me the assistance I need. Given my lack of technical expertise, Nancy’s unending support has been an asset to my business.
— Dr. Robert S.
Nancy knows her stuff with computers and teaching their workings to others. Over the ten years plus I’ve worked with her, Nancy ‘s shown the way—from dial up to wireless, from PC to Apple, from organizational newsletter to Quicken—she’s helped me navigate the high tech world. She’s aided in town and long distance, in person and on the phone. Nancy’s a techie with artistic flair, fair in her pricing and a wonderful resource for people like me who want someone to show them the way. Thanks, Nancy!
— Cindy C.
We highly recommend Nancy for all computer help and she knows the best way to handle our needs. She has saved the day many times over the past several years and has also fit us in to keep us up and running in person as well as advice over the phone. It’s so nice to have our local tech support delivered to our home office. Thanks Nancy!!!
— The Bodins



I work with my clients to help them get what they need to get done on their systems.  Patience in working with users not always comfortable working with technology is my specialty. 

About Me


I was formerly a computer programmer for IBM and other companies before I decided to make a more personal difference.  

There's a lot of people out there who just need someone to sit down and guide them through the ins and outs of technology.  I'll come to you and walk you through setting up and using your computer and technology.